Managed Protection Services


Better Protection for a Better Business

Get more secure network infrastructure without adding work for IT.

As network threats evolve, it becomes more challenging to secure your servers, data and user devices. Keeping up with these changes can tax IT and create a reactive environment that takes your team away from more profitable activities.

Now CenturyLink® Managed Protection Services makes it simple to get the network monitoring and management you need—without extra IT effort and time. We combine strong monitoring, proactive protection and device content filtering with deep insight into your infrastructure and a strategic approach to keeping your complex systems secure.  

Get a better ROI on existing firewalls and equipment.
You've already invested a lot in your current infrastructure. With CenturyLink, you'll get more out of that investment because we can help optimize its configuration and fine-tune security protocols so it can perform better. And you won't need to make a large investment in in-house tools, technology or resources to protect your assets.

Conveniently secure your network while retaining control.
Because we can monitor your networks and devices remotely, it doesn't matter where they're located. And while we handle the day-to-day details, you keep control over all your systems.

Save time and money with our expertise and support.  
It can be expensive and time-consuming to find and retain the people with the skills and background necessary to navigate today's threat landscape and stay on top of the ongoing management requirements of multiple security devices. When you partner with CenturyLink, you will have access to highly trained experts with years of experience in diverse and complex security issues.

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Managed Protection Services

Protect against emerging threats with the deepest level of monitoring and management on any device.

CenturyLink® Managed Protection Services leverages the latest security information and best practices for a full range of visibility into your systems and the top levels of protection available today.

  • Supports next-generation firewalls, intrusion detection and/or prevention systems, unified threat management and application firewalls, advanced malware protection and data leak protection devices.
  • Proactive, location-agnostic services surpass traditional “block and tackle” approaches with advanced content matching, expression-based searches and heuristic detection.
  • Recognizes protocol anomalies and performs behavioral analysis.
  • Consumes and logs device data and recommends prevention techniques suitable to your infrastructure.
  • Sends critical details to groups and individuals who need to know them.
  • Includes support from experts in modern protection techniques.
  • Completes the full stack of protection services from CenturyLink.

Improve Security Without Adding More Resources

CenturyLink security solutions are easy to customize to your business. Find out how we can help you plan your defenses-talk with one of our security experts today.

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