Get Rapid and Immediate Recovery when a Disaster Strikes

CenturyLink® SafeHaven® DRaaS Protects Against the Massive Costs of Downtime and Data Loss

Mitigate risk, protect your brand and avoid the enormous cost of IT downtime that can result from natural or manmade disasters.

With CenturyLink SafeHaven DRaaS you will be able to restore normal business operations within minutes of a disaster, giving you greater confidence that your applications and data are secure, compliant and safeguarded.

Lower Cost of Ownership
CenturyLink SafeHaven DRaaS uses CenturyLink's vast and scalable infrastructure to deliver disaster recovery at a fraction of the cost of traditional disaster recovery infrastructure, resulting in significant savings in hardware, software and maintenance. Moving your disaster recovery from a CapEx to OpEx model also makes your disaster recovery budget much more predictable.

Easy to Use and Manage
Compared to traditional backup methods, CenturyLink SafeHaven DRaaS offers much more flexibility, simplicity and scale. It also makes a variety of disaster recovery services available so you can recover business systems based on your recovery policy.


Disaster Recovery Planning Doesn't Have to Be Complicated

Cloud-based disaster recovery solutions are efficient, flexible and highly available. Best of all, they allow you to avoid the costs of purchasing the infrastructure and software needed for secondary disaster recovery sites, which means you only pay OpEx.

Easy to Get Started
Setup and deploy in days.

CenturyLink SafeHaven DRaaS is a fraction of traditional DR solutions.

Easy to Test
Simulate disasters in minutes, and gain peace of mind.

Works with VMware
Deep compatibility with the business standard for virtualization.

Our intuitive interface makes customizing your DR plan point-and-click easy.

Watch the Video

Learn more about how CenturyLink SafeHaven DRaaS can keep your data—and your business—safe.

Free Cloud Onboarding

Migrating to the CenturyLink Cloud® platform is simple and seamless with free onboarding.


Protect Your Data and Systems with DRaaS

CenturyLink SafeHaven DRaaS is the simple way to keep your business safe.

CenturyLink SafeHaven DRaaS offers an efficient way to protect your enterprise data and production systems – easily and affordably.

  • Near instantaneous failover and failback — limited only by boot-up times for protected VMs
  • Capability to perform non-disruptive failover tests as needed
  • Failover/rollback/failback scoping from individual servers to entire sites
  • Full featured multi-tiered security of CenturyLink Cloud
  • Scalable global infrastructure for recovery sites
  • Leverage the CenturyLink global team of disaster recovery specialists
  • IT Consulting: strategy, design, implementation, test


Better Protection, Quick Recovery
and IT Systems Resiliency

CenturyLink SafeHaven DRaaS dramatically simplifies disaster recovery by utilizing the cloud to help protect your business from disruptions – all while delivering a lower total cost of ownership.

You can protect production virtual servers hosted in your internal data centres with replica instances running within CenturyLink Cloud. The costs of running a secondary site in the public cloud means you only pay for what you need. Your organization benefits from the dramatically lower cost structure.

More importantly, the replica servers in the CenturyLink Cloud are only activated in the case of a disruptive event, further reducing operating costs. Plus, there is no need to provision duplicate OS and application licences - the production licences are activated in the cloud upon failover.

  • Flexible OpEx model reduces cost
  • Only pay for CPU and RAM during a disaster event
  • SRN and CMS appliances operate 730 hrs/month and associated CPU/RAM charges apply
  • Pay-as-you-go structure requires little capital investment
  • Ultra-low recovery times
  • Non-recurring charge for onboarding and monthly recurring charges for the CenturyLink SafeHaven DRaaS software, cloud infrastructure, the VMs required to run software components and specific replication VM configurations
  • Built-in backup with up to 2,048 checkpoints
  • Lossless VM migration between site and cloud
  • Multi-OS support for virtual and physical servers
  • Enterprise grade DR orchestration
  • Continuous data protection with Group Consistency and Runbook Automation for multi-tiered applications
  • Tier 1 network redundancy


CenturyLink SafeHaven DRaaS

This offering utilizes a cloud WAN to link proxy recovery servers and remote replicas in the cloud to a replication node found at the production site. These work in concert with firewalls, local disk, rollback images and protected VMs to keep your data secure and available in the event of a disaster.

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