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Storage and Backup
Flexible Scalable Storage Solutions for Today's Data Driven Businesses
Storage and Backup

Data is essential in driving business - and the sheer amount of it for any enterprise is growing exponentially. Storage of this data - and easy access to it - is essential. Even more so, disaster recovery is critical to any organization.

Even so, today's IT departments are needed to help drive business while storage and backup solutions can be time-consuming and account for a large part of any budget.

You need flexible services and scalable solutions that will help you minimize downtime and disruptions to your business. That's why CenturyLink offers dedicated hosting along with CenturyLink® Storage and Backup Services as part of an essential disaster recovery strategy. This scalable, cost-efficient suite of managed data storage solutions is tailored to your business needs and requirements. CenturyLink's data storage solutions and data backup services allow you to backup, retrieve, restore and archive your data and, like all CenturyLink network solutions, is designed to scale with your business needs.

Storage and Backup Services are just part of a much larger portfolio from CenturyLink that reaches across the entire IT lifecycle.

What is Storage and Backup?

Storage is the act of copying vital data to a safe place on a predetermined schedule. The safe site acts like a depository, allowing businesses to routinely access files and data. Backup is administered by a system. In the event of an outage, the restore reassembles the data used by applications and data can be archived in the backup system.

More often than not, storage and backup is a companion to colocation, cloud or managed hosting solutions.

Why use Storage and Backup?

Storage and backup services are integral to disaster recovery and business continuity.

Storage agility is the single most important factor driving private cloud computing today. Organizations must find a way to control the data explosion and storage costs while keeping the data availability anytime of day or night.

While maintaining agility, control, and access businesses must also consider security, power, compliance, and return on investment when evaluating their storage infrastructure options.

The key to enjoying cloud economics from your storage infrastructure is to start with a foundation based on performance, proven best practices, and scalability.

Why CenturyLink?

Choose CenturyLink Storage and Backup Services and set the stage for success. You'll be working with an IT market leader with a proven track record of providing high-performance scalable cloud storage environments.

Performance: Unified Storage provides enterprise-grade storage without the need for dedicated hardware. It includes quick provisioning for SAN or NAS protocols and includes performance SLAs across tiers of service. Based on NetApp technology, Unified Storage offers tremendous value in the form of cloud economics. We also offer Unified Storage which is a SAN-only solution based on 3Par/HP platforms. It can be delivered as a multi-tenant or dedicated offering and provides 4 levels of quality-of-service in a 3Par/HP storage array managed by CenturyLink.

Proven: Unified Storage protects your business while providing the flexibility to enjoy the benefits of cloud economics for storage infrastructures. Unified Storage is a fully managed 24/7/365 solution that uses snapshots and replication features to protect against p hysical disaster. CenturyLink data centres are standardized on an industry-proven, multi-tenant security model further ensuring data reliability. Today, CenturyLink manages over 90 storage arrays across its 3Par, HP and NetApp devices, 26 Petabytes of Managed Storage, available in 35 data centres in 8 different countries.

Scalable: CenturyLink delivers a full spectrum of storage solutions from high input/output requirements through our Unified Storage service to basic archiving at a fraction of the cost. What's more, Unified Storage includes multi-tier performance models, which scale to support specific use cases and workloads while offering a 99.99% uptime SLA for business applications. Unified Storage scales from gigabytes to petabytes and includes advanced reporting and alerts.

Unified Storage Delivers

Agile pay as you grow sizing with multiple associated billing options, scalability from gigabytes to petabytes, performance and availability, and snapshot and replication options.

CenturyLink Storage and Backup Services include:

Backup and Block Storage

Take advantage of flexibility with storage for high input/output access and data retention and dynamic sizing.

  • Up to 20k IOPS
  • 14 Days rolling disaster recovery
  • 1-click access to admin options
  • Resize disks on the fly

Cloud DR

SafeHaven — Easy startup, affordable and easy to test with an intuitive interface and VMware compatibility.

  • Scalable Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service
  • Live failover/failback
  • Custom checkpoint intervals

Access archived data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Get your IT department out of the storage business and into the innovation your business needs to compete.


Rely on a predictable cost model based on usage, not ownership.

Object Storage

Easily deploy cloud-native applications, add secure managed file transfer capabilities with data movement tools and take advantage of long-term static data storage.

  • Highly available
  • Automatic multisite replication
  • S3 compatibility
  • Redundancy Sub products
CenturyLink Storage and Backup Services includes:
  • Backup
  • Archiving
  • Quality-of-service Migration
  • Storage Care
Advanced Services

CenturyLink's comprehensive portfolio of disaster recovery services is designed with one goal in mind: to minimize the impact of unplanned events while keeping your business operational. We assess and evaluate your current IT environment, design a robust DR strategy and technology enablement program and provide on-going operations support. Based on the following tenets, CenturyLink DR services provide you with a comprehensive strategy that covers all options and angles:

  • Governance
  • Application service behaviour
  • Optimized DR target state
  • Cost optimization
Network Integration and Benefits

Private Network:

For businesses that are hosting applications that need to be pushed to global footprint of employees, partners, customers, etc., CenturyLink's MPLS IQ Private Network offers application aware connectivity for globally distributing applications with performance SLAs.

Public Network (Internet):

CenturyLink currently routes 20% of the world's internet traffic putting your content and applications closer to the public, requiring less hops and ultimately resulting in better performance. In addition we also provide carrier access to many of the market's leading consumer networks (Comcast, Cox, etc).

Storage at CenturyLink
  • 8 countries
  • 35 data centres
  • 26 managed petabytes
  • 90+ storage arrays
  • Industry leading storage hardware partners

Choose from 3 Levels of Performance


Ideal for databases, critical transaction processing, near real-time operations and reporting

  • Available in 500GB increments
  • 15,000 IOPS availability
  • SAN only

Ideal for most business applications

  • Available in 50GB increments
  • 5,000 IOPS availability
  • SAN Only

Ideal for test and development, archiving

  • Available in 50GB increments
  • 500 IOPS availability
  • SAN or NAS

Geographic Availability

CenturyLink Storage and Backup Services are available in any location where our managed hosting services are present, this includes:

North America




Washington DC



Southern California

Northern California







South America

Sau Paolo



United Kingdom


Asia Pac




Hong Kong




About CenturyLink Business

CenturyLink, Inc. is the third largest telecommunications company in the United States. Headquartered in Monroe, LA, CenturyLink is an S&P 500 company and is included among the Fortune 500 list of America's largest corporations. CenturyLink Business delivers innovative private and public networking and managed services for global businesses on virtual, dedicated and colocation platforms. It is a global leader in data and voice networks, cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions for enterprise business customers.

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