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CenturyLink IQ® + Private Port
Network Virtualization Delivering Optimal Data Centre
Connectivity at a Reduced Total Cost

With today's businesses requiring high performance connectivity to cloud services, colocation environments, and data centre -based managed services, companies like yours are turning to CenturyLink to provide integrated solutions making it faster and easier to be connected to their business applications. As a recognized global leader in both data networking and hosting services , CenturyLink understands the challenges of these complex environments and works with you to provide you with a network solution that fits your needs.

CenturyLink IQ+ Private Port supports seamless private network con nectivity into CenturyLink’s comprehensive suite of managed services, cloud applications, and colocation space.

CenturyLink IQ® Private Port with Data Centre Access

A fully integrated solution that delivers scalable and resilient connectivity to all CenturyLink Data Centre environments.

  • No need for loops
  • No need to purchase additional cross connects
  • No need to purchase router or the additional space and power
  • Built-in resiliency to keep your applications available to your MPLS private network
  • Bandwidth on-demand solution
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