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Improving the performance of your business-critical applications.

Get More Power and Value from Your SAP Applications

CenturyLink's fully managed service boosts the benefits of SAP Solutions.

Managed SAP Solutions from CenturyLink can help you transform your business. Using our considerable expertise in infrastructure orchestration for SAP environments, we'll work with you to improve deployments, reduce spend and minimize the disruption of migrating to SAP applications or migrating your existing SAP applications to HANA. Our teams are committed to ensuring a smooth deployment and abbreviated time-to-market through our best practices, intellectual property and robust global infrastructure. CenturyLink provides SAP-certified infrastructure, SAP-certified engineers and a team of SAP experts for every step of your project lifecycle, from assessment to implementation to lifecycle management.

CenturyLink® Global IT Services group delivers a broad range of technology-enabled consulting and implementation services, including cloud enablement, big data-as-a-service, advanced decision sciences, digital commerce, managed security application development, quality assurance and testing, and disaster recovery services. Our consulting services combined with our extensive expertise in hosting, managing and optimizing SAP applications across business functions and industries will help you maximize your SAP workloads and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Fast, Flexible Deployment Options

Deploy the right hybrid environment - cloud, traditional hosting, colocation, on-premise - to support your SAP workloads, up to four times faster than implementing in-house. CenturyLink experts use best practice methodologies to help ensure your systems are up and running precisely when you need.

Industry-best Technologies

Leverage application acceleration and infrastructure automation technologies available from CenturyLink, for enhancing your SAP workloads like HANA, data analytics, BW, ERP and hybris Commerce. Our global IP network and disaster recovery services help ensure resiliency of your environment.

Comprehensive Managed Services

Let SAP experts at CenturyLink plan, design, implement and handle day-to-day monitoring, management and development, while reducing your risk and lowering your TCO with a predictable, fixed OpEx consumption model.

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SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud on CenturyLink

Fully-Managed Private Cloud solution for deploying your mission-critical SAP Applications in a certified HANA Enterprise Cloud.

As a Certified Premier SAP Provider, CenturyLink delivers consulting, hosting, network and managed services for your SAP workloads within the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. You can now choose CenturyLink’s versatile and enterprise-centric cloud, backed by one of the most highly functional and comprehensive technology platforms in the industry, to host your SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud for both project and production workloads.

HANA Enterprise Cloud solution from CenturyLink delivers seamless private cloud and managed hosting deployment options that enable your business to stand-up projects faster, and achieve accelerated time-to-market and time-to-value. Our rapid onboarding approach for your business to try SAP's Cloud Start offering for SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud solutions, delivers a low-risk, flexible methodology for standing up your workloads.

CenturyLink is different from other HANA Enterprise Cloud providers in that we support cloud-based development/test environments, manage large-scale production workloads and provide metro-specific disaster recovery services, all enhanced by our advanced network capabilities. Our domestic and international high-capacity fibre optic network, private cloud and managed hosting infrastructure allow you to quickly deploy and scale your SAP application workloads to your global workforce.

Scalable Solutions for Powering Your SAP Environment

CenturyLink is a Certified Premier SAP Provider delivering flexible Infrastructure and Managed Services to suit your SAP HANA and SAP initiatives globally.

HANA as a Service

  • Multitenant HANA solution that provides almost instant HANA
  • Up to 1 TB in memory size
  • Suited for proofs of concept, non-production and small production environments

HANA as a Dedicated Cloud

  • Dedicated and isolated HANA computing
  • Instantaneous scalability and unlimited access to enterprise-grade storage
  • Suited for production and non-production environments

HANA on Dedicated Hosting

  • For customers that need HANA of 2 TB or greater
  • Managed Services through the OS, OS and Managed Basis Services, and through the Application including Implementation, Upgrades, and Data Analytics services
  • Suited for large production environments

SAP Solutions Technology Framework

SAP HANA forms a solid foundation for many of SAP's applications, helping you transform and improve performance across the SAP Application Suite. CenturyLink offers SAP applications and the expertise to assess, plan, migrate, implement and operate HANA-powered SAP applications and platforms, including:

  • SAP S/4 HANA
  • SAP ERP Central Component (ECC)
  • SAP Hybris Commerce
  • SAP Infinite Insight
  • SAP Business Warehouse (BW)
  • SAP Business Objects
  • SAP Lumira
  • SAP Mobile Platform
  • SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

Bring It All Together with Managed SAP Solutions from CenturyLink

Smooth the transition with expert services throughout your project's lifecycle.

With CenturyLink, you get access to some of the brightest SAP minds in the industry. We work with you to meet your specific business goals, helping you move forward with SAP without the worry of breaking or disrupting vital systems that are already working.

Our comprehensive Managed SAP Solutions include end-to-end expert services from strategy and implementation, to monitoring and management of your SAP applications and supporting infrastructure, network, security and resiliency. By building on our global, high-performance infrastructure and SAP's technology framework, our service scenarios are the blueprints that make it all work together - and ultimately drive and improve user experience and adoption.

Managed SAP Solutions


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