DDoS Mitigation

Stop DDoS attacks before they stop you.

Distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) are on the rise in frequency, sophistication and cost. In 2014 alone, nearly 50 percent of enterprise IT leaders reported experiencing at least one DDoS attack.* And once a firm has been attacked, the chances are more than 90 percent they'll get hit again.

What's at risk? Just a single DDoS attack can wreak havoc on a company for months, deflating IT team productivity, driving customer down-time, reducing margins, and degrading brand reputation.

Protecting your servers and network - not to mention your customer data, billing records and intellectual property—from a DDoS attack is more critical and simpler than ever, thanks to our DDoS protection and mitigation service.

CenturyLink® DDoS Mitigation Service is a monitoring service that proactively detects and re-routes malicious or affected traffic away from your network to where it can be analyzed and scrubbed, so you and your customers experience no downtime or degradation of service.

If your business relies on the Internet to communicate internally or with customers, conduct ecommerce, or use online bill pay or VoIP telephony, DDoS Mitigation Service is a fortress against illegitimate activity that could save your livelihood.

CenturyLink DDoS Mitigation Services are available to protect customers from attacks almost anywhere. Whether your data is hosted inside a CenturyLink data centre, on-premise at your location, inside a hybrid or cloud environment, or across a third party networks, we have the right solution to stop unwanted traffic from clogging your network. DDoS attack protection is a perfect companion product to:

  • Internet Port Customers wanting an additional level of protection across their MPLS network.
  • Network Customers with assets tied to the availability of their internet infrastructure
  • Hosting customers with equipment they want protected in their data centres or ours.
Features & Benefits


  • Multiple service delivery options include 100% network-based, hybrid network and premises-based service.
  • Service is delivered as a utility, meaning no equipment or software is installed at customer premise or in the hosting environment.
  • Includes a 15-minute response times once an attack is detected.
  • Flexible pricing models offer both reactive and proactive monitoring options.
  • Optional add-on Appliance integrates two service types to provide always-on detection and mitigation across any network.
  • Robust end-user portal helps customers check detailed status reports on attack-mitigation efforts and see "peacetime" network usage data.
  • During an attack, the service allows all non-targeted traffic to flow freely so customers experience minimum impact via on-demand filtering only.


  • Helps remove malicious traffic while allowing legitimate business traffic to pass through.
  • Mitigates malicious traffic on the CenturyLink network before it floods customers' private networks.
  • Improves service availability for any business that has been hit with a DDoS attack.
  • Maximizes business continuity by forwarding legitimate transactions and filtering DDoS attack traffic.
  • Reduces infrastructure costs by using existing CenturyLink infrastructure.
How It Works

Give access to the right users and keep others out.

A DDoS attack occurs when a large number of compromised systems attack a target, such as a website, and overwhelm it with activity that causes the target to become unresponsive and thereby denies legitimate users with access to the system.

DDoS mitigation services minimize the impact of DDoS attacks on customer infrastructure by catching and re-routing potentially malicious attack traffic "above" your infrastructure, before it ever reaches you or impacts your customers' experience of your site. Re-routed data is analyzed and scrubbed to remove malicious packets before being forwarded onto your site.

Customers can choose from two tiers of service:

  • Reactive Shared DDoS Mitigation Service relies on you to monitor your traffic and report to us the detection of any malicious traffic. Our experienced technicians then begin rerouting the traffic for scrubbing.
  • Proactive Shared DDoS Mitigation Service offers continuous 24/7 network monitoring by CenturyLink analysts in our security operations centre. If they detect non-conforming traffic, they will report and validate it with you. Upon your approval, we then begin rerouting the traffic for scrubbing.
Portfolio at a Glance
DDoS Reactive
DDoS Proactive
DDoS on 3rd Party Networks

Traffic base-lining and tuning

24/7 threat monitoring


Proactive alert and notification


24/7 threat monitoring

Threat validation

Network-base DDoS attack mitigation (scrubbing)

Scrubbing period

Until issue is resolved

Until issue is resolved

Until issue is resolved, or customer elects to stop mitigation

Optional customer premises-based mitigation appliance

Mitigation on third-party network

* According to independent research commissioned by CenturyLink in 2013 as well as multiple studies in both US and UK in 2014 (Nuestar and BT)


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