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CenturyLink is dedicated to continuously improving and maintaining compliance and standards that are critical to customers.

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In over 60 centres across the world, CenturyLink connects business, commerce, and finance to drive the global economy.

The Tokyo colocation facility provides ultra-low latency direct access as fast as 1.2ms to key exchanges and trading platforms, including the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Chi-X and OSE. The location also supports rapid cross connects with Hong Kong and Singapore financial exchanges, cloud, security, storage and managed services.

The Tokyo data centre is built to meet stringent enterprise network needs and financial grade multi-tier security requirements. Companies have access to a full suite of colocation-to-cloud and hosting services, all supported by an expert Financial Services team. And as a network and hosting provider, CenturyLink offers total reliability supported by 100% power uptime and 99.99% internet connectivity availability SLAs.


CenturyLink reaches agreement to sell Colocation and Data Center business.

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TY6: Tokyo, Japan 

Space: 10,646 sf   Power: 2 MW

Tech Specs

TY6: Tokyo     Space: 10,646 sf     Power: 2 MW

Real Estate Summary

  • Located 10km from Narita International Airport; 65km from Tokyo
  • Seven story building
  • Total building interior (sf) = 10,400
  • Raised floor (mm) = 750

Electrical Summary

  • TEPCO provides power feeds
  • Power density minimum (W/sf) = 150
  • Total Power Capacity = 2 MW
  • Minimum two fuel replenishing companies

Fire Detection and Suppression Summary

  • VESDA provides early warning detection
  • Pre-Action system utilizes two detection methods; one ionized and one photo electric detector interlocked with the dry pipe sprinkler system

Mechanical Summary

  • Cooling system configuration= N + 25%
  • CenturyLink manages temperature and humidity to strict ASHRAE standard

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Over 60 Data Center Locations Worldwide

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